understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, tonight, how I long to see this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” sweep our India, sweep all Europe! It would so quickly dissolve the accumulation which is now threatening them with entire destruction.

The pity is that Europe cannot see and understand that its people are living over a seething vortex of destructive action. Above them is the human creation which, if allowed to continue, will release the destructive forces beneath them. Oh, that they might see.

Beloved Ones, tonight I rejoice with you. Will you permit Me to say that I am glad to be with you; for if in any way, in My humble Way, I have rendered you a Service, then I shall ever be grateful.

Having attained the Freedom which We have, do you wonder that We plead so earnestly with you for your Freedom?

It is yours! Do not allow anything to interrupt the great speed with which you are going forward into your Freedom.

Oh, the privilege that all have who attend this coming Shrine Class – what a privilege!

In the fullness of the Love of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, I rejoice with you and stand with you, unto your Victory over limitation – and then your Ascension.  May that come quickly.  It can! according to your refusal to accept appearances; according to the earnestness and intensity with which you call your “Presence” into action with Its Mighty, Intelligent Energy.

This can all come so quickly or require the human sense of time. Let us help you to set aside all time and space and enter quickly into the Glory of your “Mighty I AM”.

May I place My Mantle of Light and Love about the shoulders of each one of you. May It be sustained there as long as you require It, for your strength, joy, and the release of all that is required for your happiness and comfort, to assist you to your certain Victory.


I thank you.”


God Himalaya

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