understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you just for a few moments feel in this great Stillness as if you were caught and held in the Ascended Masters Octave? Feel Their Freedom! Feel everything that is limiting drop away from you – never to be remembered, never to be recalled!

Just feel yourselves held in Their great Freedom. Feel yourself your Higher Mental Body in action, pouring forth Its Radiance to mankind.

Then in this great Stillness, speak silently to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and say: “Now, ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, hold me there. Even though this body goes about its daily activities, still hold me in your Octave of Light, conscious of my Dominion from the Ascended Masters’ Octave; conscious that ‘I AM’ the Conquering Presence of my world in human activity; conscious that no longer is there any obstruction to the Outpouring of the Light of my ‘Presence’, which floods my world, harmonizing and producing Perfection there and holding Its Dominion.”

Feel It! Feel It! Feel It sustained.

I decree for you that never again in Eternity shall you ever yield Dominion to anything in the appearance world! Never again shall any appearance terrify or disturb you!

Will you not accept that, all-powerfully active in you and your world?

In everything that is required, straighten up your spine and say:  “‘Might I AM Presence’! You are the Governing Intelligence of me and my world; therefore, whatever this appearance is, it has no power! Take command and produce Your Perfection here! I, in the human form, shall be humble and obedient before Thy great Light and Law! No longer shall I allow my intellect to feel dominion; no longer shall it deprive me of Your Power, flowing through to govern my world and hold Its Dominion!”

Oh, Beloved Ones, it is so real; it is so powerful; it is so true. No longer need a single one of you feel limitation of any kind again.

We feel so joyfully privileged to be of Assistance in every way possible.

❤ Remember, with the Ascended Being:  The Universe is My country.  To do good is My religion.  To do good is My joy.  To set mankind Free is the highest Service known.” ❤


God Himalaya

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