understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The greatest Service ever rendered on Earth in any age is being rendered by the Divine Director, in calling the Angels of Blue Lightning and Sword of Blue Flame to sweep through your cities, take out all discarnate entities, and continue that Service until it is done.

All that the Law of your being permits at this time, is being done for you; and it is changing all of your own creations which have accumulated.

All possible is being dissolved and consumed for you, so you may find less pressure upon yourselves in your achievement.

I assure you, if you will remind yourselves of these things daily, you will find it so much easier to feel the fullness of your Power and Victory quickly.

Your “Presence” does not have to wait for anything. You really do not have to wait for anything, if you but knew it.

May I remind you of the statement made by the old-time Methodists? You know in their revival meetings, when they got considerably excited they said, “Now is the accepted time.”

That is exactly the case with your “I AM Presence” and you. Now is the accepted time!”


God Himalaya

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