understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We have seen some among the Students, oh, who are so earnest, so lovable. Yet, because of the accumulation in their feeling world, they have not been able to release the power and energy they require to bring the fulfillment of their Calls. Then they wonder, “Why do I not have the results for which I so earnestly call?”

Remember, Dear Ones, I must repeat it to you again tonight. If there are not results, it is because something unknown to you is acting in your feeling world.

With determination, call your “Presence” into action to take out of your feeling world whatever is seemingly obstructing the way. Then you will have disposed of it and your Call will be answered more quickly.

It is a permanent Victory, Beloved Ones. Do not yield to looking to something outside or to others!

You can have temporary help; but your Victory comes alone in the Acknowledgment and calling of your own “Presence” into action, until you feel so sure, so firm in your feeling world, that you never think of asking someone’s assistance.

You never look outside somewhere, but just stand with your “Presence”.

Say often: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, You are the Power of the Universe! Come forth here! I call on the Law of Forgiveness for every mistake I have ever made! I mean business now! I am determined that I shall have Your Limitless Energy and Intelligence to take command of me and my world, to take such firm command of me that my human does not make another mistake.”

Be firm in it and you will have results.”


God Himalaya

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