understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you leave this room today, no longer has any destructive quality, discord, or irritating quality any power to act in your world!

I call on the “Mighty I AM Presence” of each one of you, to cut you free this instant from every vestige of such desires – dissolve and consume them out of your feeling world forever!

Then, “Mighty I AM Presence”, hold Your Invincible Tube of Light about each one of these precious ones, so invincible that never again can a discordant thing act within that Tube of Light, or within the mind and feeling world of these beloved ones.

I can render you this Service if you will accept It. We are not limited in any manner whatever.

Will you, while I am speaking, issue the silent Decree that all the Students of the “I AM” receive this same Assistance today.

You are one in your mental and feeling world, Beloved Ones. It is the octave in which all the mental activity, all the feeling activity of the individual is one.

The “Mighty I AM Presence” of each one of you is All-wise, All-powerful Intelligence.


Therefore, that Intelligence is One in Quality – Individualized.

There is one Power, one Substance of which you are all composed.

Knowing this, you must feel the need of your own individual harmony, in order to more quickly allow the Great Host of Light to release Their Light with sufficient intensity into the Earth, so all Perfection comes forth into action and is sustained.

I thank you, Beloved Ones.”


God Tabor

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