understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to call your attention to two things today, so the greatest possible Blessing may come to you during the Shrine Class.

A few, Dear Ones, have thought the only thing necessary was to make a few Calls to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and they would have their Ascension; or that if they signed the application to become a member of the 100% Groups, it was the only thing necessary for their Ascension.

Dear Hearts, everything in the Understanding of the “Mighty I Am Presence” is an individual activity.

The 100% Group will give you the most amazing assistance to your Ascension, your Victory; but it cannot be done unless you purify yourself.

Just because you come into the Understanding of the “I AM”, do not think that you do not need to make Application; that you do not have to purify and correct yourself!

This must be obvious to one who thinks at all.

Therefore, enter in, oh, Beloved Ones – into a determined, powerful Application of your “Presence”. Call It forth into action for every detail!

Oh, do not worry nor think that your “Presence” is too Great to handle little details. It is the little things, Dear Ones – just a little thing here and a little thing there, which finally gets to whirling in your feeling and makes a disturbing activity.

It is the listening to:  “I wonder why such a thing got started; I wonder why this got started over here.”  Such a subtle suggestion is just an opportunity to get your attention on some discordant thing which will finally pull you into it.

Do not do it!

The Messengers found, Dear Ones, the only means of keeping themselves free from gossip of human beings was to instantly say: “You have no power! You cannot enter my world!” and it does not do it

Everyone must do the same. You are the only one responsible for your world. Do not feel any concern about the other person’s world, except to bless it and praise it.


Oh, praise and pour out blessing! What a wonderful thing!”


God Tabor

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