understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am going to touch upon this lightly, because in the Call of the Students, We have been compelled to witness certain activities.

When I see such blessed ones, in a moment when they are off guard, allowing themselves to feel discordant or give expression to the repeating of discordant gossip – which is always untrue – can you imagine the feeling within Our Hearts?

Then, We watch for an opportunity to try through the feeling world to prompt them not to do it again.

Beloved Ones, We are compelled by the Law of your Life to keep reminding you of these things, until you no longer allow them to act in your world.

There is no use giving forth deeper Teaching until individuals utilize what they have, and you have used only a fragmentary part of what is before you.

Remember, you are responsible only to your own Life, unless you are expressing discord; then you become responsible to all mankind. You are adding to the burden of mankind by whatever discord you express.

In the Understanding of your “Mighty I AM Presence” you cannot do this without penalty, because you have called forth a tremendous charge of Energy from your “Presence” into your feeling world.

Then, if you continue to allow discord to clothe that Energy and send It forth, you become more and more responsible to the great Law of Life and to your fellowman.

The individual who does not understand the “Presence”, cannot release the great volume of Energy that you can.

It is not possible.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, stand guard! Call the “Presence” to stand Guard over your world! If vicious things are acting in your feeling world, stop them instantly – I plead with you!

Do not have an opinion about another. If there is an appearance which seems to need correction, call to their “Presence” and then forget the incident.

It is the only way you can be Free.”


God Tabor

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