blessed friday children of God ðŸ˜Š

Good Day Family Of Light…It’s An Inspiring Time To Be In Existence…So Let’s Make It Count…With Love , Wisdom…And Constructive Productivity…For Yourselves N All Humanity…Amen N Praise God 😊 ❤

No Posts Today…But A Thought For Some… 😎

“What is the use of us, the children of men, if we do not exercise kindness and love upon earth? (Kebra Nagast); Woe unto those who shall pour out innocent blood and slander a righteous man, and divide his spoil, and who neither believe in His word nor walk in His commandments…Their judgement is waiting and their error abideth. Great is their punishment for their work is sin and they shall be destroyed by that which they themselves have imagined. (Kebra Nagast)”

So…Let Us Always Be Aware Of The SPIRIT In Others…For Sometimes Our Foes, Claim To Be Our Sisters N Brothers 😎 ❤

Erybody…Show Love…Spread Love…N Be Love ❤

Kebra Nagast quote


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