understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your own “God Presence”, which every human being has sought throughout the centuries, is represented to you in that magnificent Chart. It gives your exact position to your own “God Presence”, the only Being and Place from which Perfection can come, or the solution of human problems and conditions.

saint germain God presence chart
As you have been applying this in your individual life, for America, and for your cities, irrefutable evidence is being brought to you of the Power the Divine Director is setting into operation in your cities.

He told the Messengers He had been waiting for this Call, for in some instances They may not even suggest a thing;

but when you suddenly receive the feeling and from the human octave make the Call for a certain activity to take place, then They can release the Power, the Intelligence, and the Energy by which it is accomplished.

He caused the Angels of Blue Lightning and the Sword of Blue Flame to sweep through the city of New York every eight hours. The atmosphere of that city was changed completely, as people by the hundreds who know nothing about this Work whatsoever are acknowledging today.

Beloved Ones, as you hold yourselves calm and serene, you cannot help but see the evidence before you everywhere.”


God Tabor



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