understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You remember the experience in Miami, Florida – most of you have heard it – when a lady came into the Class and was so incensed at Mrs. Ballard’s reading from the manuscript, that she rushed out of the place condemning the Messengers and the Work.

This Good Messenger came along and someone told him about it. Ordinarily he would have said, “God bless her”, and have forgotten it; but instead, he said: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, seize her and bring her back!”

She came back and became a very blessed Student.

Sometimes there are certain individuals where a sudden dynamic Call to the “Presence” would release them. It is not always the case. However, you have no idea just what anyone’s “Presence” will do for anyone if you call It forth into action.

That is why I am bringing this point to your attention. You have no idea what anyone’s “Presence” will do, even if the outer does refuse acceptance for the moment.

Your intense dynamic Call to the “Presence” opens the Door and how do you know but what the next hour will release the individual completely into the Understanding of the “Presence” and this Light.”



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