understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I think I should perhaps call your attention today to the privilege you have to call forth more energy when you want to rest at night.

If your time is cut short by the needed service of the outer world, you can have the rest in two hours which you ordinarily have in eight, if you but consciously call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action to produce that Blessing for you.

Do you not see how your “Presence” answers every Call?

Then be careful what you do in the morning when you first awaken. Through old habit your attention begins to contemplate conditions of the outer world.

If you will take your stand and as soon as you become conscious, focus your attention on your “Mighty I AM Presence”, the affairs of the outer world will not rush into your consciousness and begin to act so quickly.

It will give you time to call your “Presence” to charge your feeling world with Its Direction, Wisdom, Energy, Harmony, and Perfection for the day’s requirement. Then you will have stabilized yourself for the day.

Dear People, you can do this so easily; but it means you must do it consciously. You turned away from the “Presence” consciously, and you must do these things in your return to the “Presence” consciously.

That is the need of mankind today.”



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