understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All of these Powers are natural. Please feel that! Then it will be so much easier for you to come into their action and use.

The trouble with mankind has been, because a subject touched upon something they had not heard of, the human immediately sets up a barrier and either says or feels:    “I doubt that! I don’t believe that is so!”

Immediately, so far as the individual is concerned, it shuts the door to him from having further information concerning the subject, which might be touched upon at this time.


Ofttimes the individual shuts the door to other things which would be a natural activity of his own being, coming to him.

I tell you, there are tens of thousands of people in your America today whose Light is very great and who have had previous understanding, as is the case with many of you.

Therefore – now notice this carefully – they experienced possibly something tragic in the outer life, which caused them to turn away from this Light. That experience is still having its effect upon them.

It is why some people doubt so tragically. They do not know what the cause of the doubt is; and it is why so many people use your ordinary expression, “Show me!”

Well you might show individuals – I mean the doubting Thomases – you might show them the Presence of an Ascended Being; and before twenty-four hours were over their heads, they would swear they had been hypnotized and it was not so.

It is not the real individual who would do that, but it is the accumulation from past centuries of doubts and fears.

Just because they fear a thing, they doubt it.

If you were to look back into the Life Stream of individuals who have used the expression of doubt, you would find back of their doubt is fear of the thing they doubt.

This is why, today in the attention to the “Presence”, all these qualities of mankind are swept out of existence.”



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