understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you not with renewed determination stand with greater determination, stronger and more powerfully with your “Mighty I AM Presence”, in calling It forth in great calm determination!

Oh, do not, please, Precious Ones, have any frenzied activity in calling your “Presence” into action; but with a great calm, serene activity that releases such great Power from the “Presence”, enter into It.

Feel, oh, feel the Glory of your “Presence” flowing in and through you; beautifying, perfecting, and giving you Perfect Health in body and mind.

Then, let It flow out into your world with Its mighty, irresistible Power to produce Harmony and Perfection there, holding everything in obedience to this Great “Presence” and Light, until everything of a discordant nature is swept out of your world and out of the world of all humanity.

That is what We want you to have. With all the Love at Our Command and with, oh, such great Gratitude, We pour forth Assistance to blessed mankind who have been willing to accept this Knowledge of the “Mighty I AM” and carry on in this Work individually and collectively, producing such great results.

We thank you; and in deepest gratitude We bow before that Great “Presence” which beats your Heart, calling It into action in greater, greater, and greater Dominion in your mind, body, home, and world.

Out of the fullness of Its Great Strength, Power, and Perfection may It reign, holding Its Dominion in you and your world; producing each day greater and greater Perfection and Blessings to you and your associates.”



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