understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Our Love is so great for precious humanity who can and will accept this great,  great Light which Saint Germain has brought forth.

One day, I shall ask permission of the Great Divine Director to tell you something about Saint Germain which you do not know. That Mighty “Presence” has done more for mankind than any other Ascended Master who has ever lived.

Some of you may think I am belittling Jesus in this statement. That is not true! Jesus rendered a mighty Service, as the Messengers have told you – leaving the Etheric Record of Ascension, a mighty thing!

But His Service has not been continuous from the Self-conscious Application, as in the Activity of Saint Germain in the Work He has done for centuries.

Remember, Saint Germain’s Work, which has been called to your outer attention, began seventy thousand years ago! He and Beloved Nada have carried many civilizations to their heights.

That is what the outer world, who have questioned Saint Germain, needs to know and shall know. I stand as the Champion of His Mighty Activity to all mankind and shall always do so!

Jesus has asked Me to make this Statement to you tonight.

Saint Germain has had the Courage, and took upon Himself the responsibility of bringing many civilizations to their heights. Each time He has carried it through with Assistance of the Beloved Nada.

These are things, Precious Ones, which the outer world is going to come to know. It is why His Work today, cannot be interfered with by any human, sinister thing!

We thank the Great “Presence” of the “I AM” with all the Love at Our Command, that these Beloved Messengers have had the strength, which He saw within them, to carry on without being destroyed;

and that will continue!



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