understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you that by the end of June or July many of you will know the Truth of which I have spoken tonight.

This is no idle activity; you have entered into a mighty Stream of Light, and unless you deliberately and willfully turn aside from It, It will serve you without limit.

Do you realize how greatly privileged you are to be the vanguards of this Work which Saint Germain has brought forth? Why were you chosen? Why are you here in these Groups? Why have you been in these Classes? Not by just happening to be so.

For your great encouragement I say to you with all the Love and Power at My Command:   you are here because your Light was strong enough to make it possible for you to be selected.

You were chosen among the first of the “I AM” Students to have this Knowledge and to spread this mighty Radiance forth.

That is why, Dear Hearts, you are here. It is why the great intensity of the Light from your Hearts has drawn you close into this great Stream of Life.

It should be of the greatest encouragement in the world to every one of you. This is not to pat you on the back – oh, far from it! – but to give you in your feeling world the mighty Courage and Strength, because it is true.

Your own Light drew you and made you a part of this great Activity.

You are the choosers of what shall come into your world. Remember this!

You can, in the Knowledge of your “Presence”, dismiss anything that you do not want.

Assert your power in the acknowledgment of your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

I want to remind you again tonight, Precious Ones, that when you call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into Action, there is no other Authority in the Universe.”



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