understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How We thank Thee, O Great Presence of Light, O “Mighty I AM”, for the Service which Thou hast rendered this night.

We thank Thee, O Beloved Jesus, Beloved Saint Germain, Mighty Divine Director, Beloved Nada, Beloved Cha Ara, Beloved Chananda, Beloved Lanto, Mighty Gods of the Mountains! We thank Thee tonight for this Service rendered to these precious, oh, such very precious ones of the Light.

May this hour never be forgotten in their continued journey in the Light. May this Radiance forever enfold and protect them with Its Invincible Power; directing them by Its Mighty Intelligence, enfolding them in Its Mighty All-encompassing Love and Light, that all may feel the Freedom, the Glory, the Infinite Life and Freedom which is theirs.

We thank Thee, Great Source of all Light, for Thy Service rendered tonight! Great Group of Ascended Masters, amplify this feeling within these precious ones; and each day make all more powerful, more certain within their feeling, more firm to keep out all undesirable things.

Make them stand with spine straight, receiving into their minds and bodies and pouring out into their worlds Thy great and mighty Purifying Substance. It carries within It all supply of everything that is required, which will take form according to the degree that you call It forth into action.”


Lady Master Leto

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