understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We want you all to go on with your Groups, whether small or large, and do all the Work you can; and Our Radiation will pour forth. Oh, Precious Ones, no one or Group is ever forsaken when they are honest, earnest, and sincere. Do you not see that?

How could a Being wholly Perfect fail to render Radiation to any Group who was in earnest? Do you see that? Do not let the sinister force and suggestion rush in or disturb you.

Go on and on with your Work, Precious Ones; and one day you will rejoice beyond all words to express, that you did continue to render this Service to your fellowman and yourselves.

In the Service of calling forth all that you wish for yourself, to be given to all mankind too, you are rendering a mighty Service.

You are entering into a mighty Cosmic Activity. It is not just an ordinary activity of individual Application, even in Groups. Now you are calling forth the Power of Light through these Great Cosmic Beings and acting within the Great Cosmic Law.

Such Activity has never existed on Earth before in any age, because the action of the Law was not at the point where it was permitted.

Today you are living in a time of great, great rejoicing – a time when the Victory of your achievement is so great and so comparatively easy to what it was three centuries ago.”


Lady Master Leto

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