making of the universe: then cometh the end

“Thus the first, second, and third classes of Lunar Pitris become individualized – the vast bulk of humanity.

The two classes of Solar Pitris, already individualized – the first before leaving the lunar chain and the second later – form two low orders of the Sons of Mind; the second incarnate in the third race at its middle point, and the first come in later, for the most part in the fourth race, the Atlantean.

The fifth, or Aryan race, now leading human evolution, was evolved from the fifth sub-race of the Atlantean, the most promising families being segregated in Central Asia, and the new race-type evolved, under the direct superintendence of a Great Being, technically called a Manu.

Emerging from Central Asia the first sub-race settled in India, south of the Himalayas, and in their four orders of teachers, warriors, merchants, and workmen, became the dominant race in the vast Indian peninsula, conquering the fourth-race and third-race nations who then inhabited it.”


Annie Besant

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