understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There are a great many people among the Students who have a natural ability to go and come from the body. Now please, Precious Ones, do not try to do that by yourselves, unless you feel thoroughly anchored in your own “I AM Presence”.

Call the Ascended Masters’ Invincible Protection about you before any such attempt is made.

If you care to call to Me for Assistance, I shall be happy to give you all Assistance possible; but go into this activity in a very calm, firm state, knowing that your “Mighty I AM Presence” is your Invincible Protection.

It is a natural thing – a perfectly natural, practial activity which mankind has forgotten. To those to whom I have been able to give this Assistance, their Freedom came at once – Bob, Rex, Nada, and Pearl.

Their Joy is still boundless, even since They have gained Their own Freedom by Their own Application. Still, in that Service great Assistance was given to them.

Mr. Gaylord, long a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, is with Me; for We have worked together for a long time. So, tonight it is My endeavor to draw so close into your feeling world also, that you feel how truly real not only “I AM”, but that all of the Ascended Masters are quite as real as you are, quite as tangible.

The more you can feel that individually and as a great group, the more you will have the Blessing and Benefit of that which We are endeavoring to give forth.

You see, no one can receive this Good who repels It, either in thought or feeling. You cannot, even in the outer world. You cannot receive a thing if you repel it, can you?

Realize how much more it is acting in the emotional or feeling world of mankind to repel a thing, than it is out here in the physical world.

Once you get the feeling, Precious ones, that your emotional or feeling world is the great Reality, and what you see out here is but the effect, then you will begin to draw to you the intensity of the Inner Activity which comes alone from the “Presence” – whether it be the Assistance of the Ascended Masters or direct from the “Presence” alone.”


Lady Master Leto

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