making of the universe: building a kosmos

“It is not possible, at our present stage of evolution, to do more than roughly indicate a few points in the vast outline of the kosmic scheme in which our globe plays its little part.

By “a kosmos” is here meant a system which seems, from our standpoint, to be complete in itself, arising from a single LOGOS, and sustained by His Life.

Such a system is our solar system, and the physical sun may be considered to be the lowest manifestation of the LOGOS when acting as the center of His kosmos;

every form is indeed one of His concrete manifestations, but the sun is His lowest manifestation as the life-giving, invigorating, all-pervading, all-controlling, regulative, co-ordinating, central power.

Says an occult commentary:   Surya (the sun), “in its visible reflection, exhibits the first or lowest state of the seventh, the highest state of the universal PRESENCE, the pure of the pure, the first manifested Breath of the ever unmanifested SAT (Be-ness). All the central physical or objective Suns are in their substance the lowest state of the first Principle of the Breath”,  are, in short, the lowest state of the “Physical Body” of the LOGOS.”


Annie Besant

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