making of the universe: it is finished

“But has earth lost her child, is humanity bereft of her triumphant son? Nay!

He has come forth from the bosom of the light, and He standeth again on the threshold of Nirvana, Himself seeming the very embodiment of that light, glorious beyond all telling, a manifested Son of God.

But now his face is turned to earth, His eyes beam with divinest compassion on the wandering sons of men, His brethren after the flesh; He cannot leave them comfortless, scattered as sheep without a shepherd.

Clothed in the majesty of a mighty renunciation, glorious with the strength of perfect wisdom and “the power of an endless life”, He returns to earth to bless and guide humanity, Master of Wisdom, kingly Teacher, divine Man.

Returning thus to earth, the Master devotes Himself to the service of humanity with mightier forces at his command than he wielded while he trod the Path of discipleship;

He has dedicated Himself to the helping of man, and He bends all the sublime powers that He holds to the quickening of the evolution of the world.

He pays to those who are approaching the Path the debt He contracted in the days of His own chelaship, guiding, helping, teaching them as He was guided, helped and taught before.

Such are the stages of man’s ascent, from the lowest savagery to the divine manhood.

To such goal is humanity climbing, to such glory shall the race attain.”


Annie Besant

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