understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Our blessed __________, how grateful We have been for your service. May it ever expand to your greatest possible blessing! We feel very certain that in Los Angeles there will be one of the greatest Focuses of Light in America – in the outer world – because of the great number of Students who are there.

Everyone try to feel that those little disturbances which attempt to drive in have no power.

It seems strange why Students do not all realize that the least disturbance of any kind is but the sinister force, the human creation trying to prevent their Freedom – instead of continuing to look at individuals or finding some excuse for criticizing them.

I say to you:  absolutely ignore all details of gossip and everything that is put forth by the human, which is less than Perfection. Turn everyone back to his “Presence”, and refuse to discuss human creation or individuals. As you do this, you will find yourselves so free.

Everyone must regulate his own life. While all Assistance possible will be given, each one must take his own Sceptor of Power and call forth the Activity of his “Presence”; then hold the balance by Self-control in the physical octave for that which he calls forth; otherwise he cannot balance it.

If the individual does not maintain Self-control, the outer will become too much disturbed for the Power to flow through and do the Perfect Work required.”



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