making of the universe: the key of knowledge

“Whether the incarnation be normal or abnormal, the progress of the soul, of the chela himself, continues, and the period already spoken of is reached when he is “ready for Initiation”; through that gateway of Initiation he enters, as a definitely accepted chela, on the Path.

This Path consists of four distinct stages, and the entrance into each is guarded by an Initiation.

Each Initiation is accompanied by an expansion of consciousness which gives what is called “the key of knowledge” belonging to the stage to which it admits, and this key of knowledge is also a key of power, for truly is knowledge power in all the realms of Nature.

When the chela has entered the Path he becomes what has been called “the houseless man”, for he no longer looks on earth as his home, he has no abiding-place here, to him all places are welcome wherein he can serve his Master.

While he is on this stage of the Path there are three hindrances to progress, technically called “fetters”, which he has to get rid of, and now – as he is rapidly to perfect himself – it is demanded from him that he shall entirely eradicate faults of character, and perform completely the tasks belonging to his condition.

The three fetters that he must loose from his limbs before he can pass the second Initiation are: the illusion of the personal self, doubt, and superstition.

The personal self must be felt in consciousness as an illusion, and must lose forever its power to impose itself on the soul as a reality. He must feel himself one with all, all must live and breathe in him and he in all.”


Annie Besant

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