understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Would it interest you to know that I have been watching you ever since you left the Lodge, rejoicing within My Heart – as I am sure you are not yet quite able to do – in the fullness of this great Infinite Feeling.

Should you decide to come up to the lake in the morning, I shall be there with you, and perhaps several others – not for a Dictation, but for a Radiance which We shall be happy to give you.

Do you wonder why you were impelled to come to this certain spot? Because it brings you within the direct Radiance of the Grand Teton.

Feel Its great Power flood your being and world! Qualify It to be eternally sustained and active to produce Its Perfection in you and your world.

I just want you for a few moments to drink in the Radiance in Its fullness! Just feel It charge your minds, bodies, and activities with Its Mighty, Conquering, Expanding, Perfecting Power.

Qualify It, each one of you, to be sustained forever with Its ever-expanding Radiance and Power; to produce Perfection and give you the Courage, Strength, and Assistance which are required to win your Victory more quickly than might otherwise be.”



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