understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, when We voice Our Wishes to you, Our earnest Desire to help, We see among you everywhere, oh, so many whose Light is great within; yet in their feeling worlds they are not quite sure. At least at times they contact something in the outer world and for a moment think: “I wonder if that can be true. I wonder! I wonder!”

You know We have asked the Messengers, although they slip occasionally, to discard from their vocabulary the word “if”. Now let Us add to that , “wonder”, “I wonder”.

The “I AM” cannot wonder, cannot doubt! Therefore, if those feelings are acting within you, do you not see how easy it is to determine what the force is which is acting?

Be alert, Dear Ones, and watch that thing because, I tell you, the moment you let this limiting consciousness express within you and something begins to act in your feeling which is less than the Perfection of the “Presence”, you will know it.

It is easy to put it down – dissolve it right there! But if you think, “Well, I just think I am going on and say and do that thing”, then it gains momentum within your feeling and becomes difficult oftentimes to remove.

The moment there is the slightest feeling of disturbance, if you will be alert enough when any discord, doubt, fear, or any of those qualities start to act, you will stop instantly and say like that (snap of finger) to such a feeling: “Oh no, just wait a minute; wait a minute! You are done for! You did not fool me that time!”

As you take those particular activities and are alert to their action, you will have great joy in the Victory over all such things. It will be just the easiest thing in the world, but do not be too serious.

You have made a lot of mistakes for a long while. Now rejoice that you know them for what they are, and that you are the Victorious Presence over them.”


Lord Maha Chohan

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