understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have loved your America. Now you see, Beloved Ones, the magnificent activity for Its Protection and Freedom which is going forth every day from the precious Children of the Light in America.

It is reaching into your governmental affairs more than you know. Keep it up, oh, Blessed Ones, with ever-increasing joy and intensity; and I observe you are using those Decrees with a snap and power that is magnificent.

You have been calling forth the Activity of the Blue Lightning of Divine Love. It is outpicturing! I tell you that those Decrees go forth with the Power of Blue Lightning. Therefore they are doing the work with a greater speed.

Shall I tell you how much? Perhaps I should not say the exact amount, lest some of our technical friends think they have found a discrepancy.

It is so amusing, Beloved Ones, to see those unfortunate beings who criticize and condemn. Notice this – that which they do not want, they do not want to understand, lest it deprive them of their sense gratification.

Everyone who is vicious toward this Work is scared lest he be deprived of his own sense gratifications. Therefore, such individuals try to discourage others from gaining this Truth. As though they could!

As though anyone can say to this Light: “You wait. I am going to have some more fun.”

Today the Light says: “Your fun is finished! Now you come into line or I will see that you do.”

Is that not vastly different?”


Lord Maha Chohan

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