understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I do not wonder that you love these Messengers as you do; and I am going to say something to you this morning which I hope will be an eternal sustaining Glory, Courage, Strength, and Victory to you.

Including today, in three years, forty percent of the discordant, destructive accumulaton of mankind in America has been dissolved! Please understand how magnificent this Work is.

To all of you throughout the United States who are issuing these Decrees, I say this because it is true, and for your encouragement and strength. You are not acting in any imaginary thing! You are wielding a Mighty Light – the Light of all Life! the Light of the Universe!

Do you not see that every time you voice Eternal Truth, you cause the Eternal Power of that Truth to go into action instantly?

If you will call It to be sustained, It will go on and on, operating in that particular Call until everything within the human octave of activity is dissolved.

You see how logical, how practical each one of these Infinite Activities is?

Now mankind is beginning to understand how practical, how simplified, and yet how majestic and powerful these Activities are at any individual’s Call. See how definite!

It does not require that one be an athlete in order to call forth the Power of his “Presence”. A little child four or five years old can call forth the Light of its “Presence” with tremendous Power – easier than most grown-ups because the child’s mind is not filled with a lot of human sense limitations.”


Lord Maha Chohan

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