making of the universe: man’s ascent

“We have traced man’s ascent from the appearance of the embryonic soul to the state of the spiritually advanced, through the stages of evolving consciousness from the life of sensation to the life of thought.

We have seen him re-tread the cycle of birth and death in the three worlds, each world yielding him its harvest and offering him opportunities for progress.

We are now in a position to follow him into the final stages of his human evolution, stages that lie in the future for the vast bulk of our humanity, but that have already been trodden by its eldest children, and that are being trodden by a slender number of men and women in our own day.

These stages have been classified under two headings – the first are spoken of as constituting “the Probationary Path”, while the later ones are included in “the Path proper” or “the Path of discipleship”.

We will take them in their natural order.”


Annie Besant

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