making of the universe: actions as sacrifice

“The next step was achieved when the sense of duty was definitely established; when the sacrifice of the lower to the higher was seen to be “right”, apart from all questions of a reward to be received in another world;

when the obligation owed by the part to the whole was recognized, and the yielding of service by the form that existed by the service of others was felt to be justly due without any claim to wages being established thereby.

Then man began to perceive the law of sacrifice as the law of life, and voluntarily to associate himself with it; and he began to learn to disjoin himself in idea from the form he dwelt in and to identify himself with the evolving life.

This gradually led him to feel a certain indifference to all the activities of form, except as they consisted in “duties that ought to be done”, and to regard all of them as mere channels for the life-activities that were due to the world, and not as activities performed by him with any desire for their results.

Thus he reached the point already noted, when karma attracting him to the three worlds ceased to be generated, and he turned the wheel of existence because it ought to be turned, and not because its revolution brought any desirable object to himself.”


Annie Besant

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