Grateful Evening, Loves 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For All God’s Children…And All God’s Creation! And No Matter Those Lower Qualities Of Negativity, Injustice…And Darkness…That We Face In This Country And The World; Let Us Never Forget…That We Are All Children Of The Most High God! So, Whatever Negativity, Injustice…And Darkness Imposed Upon Any Of Us; We All Have The Love, Light, And Power Of Our “Mighty I AM Presence” – To Overcome!  Amen…Smiling Face with Open HandsPurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

Okay, Y’all, Here’s A Now And Later…Smiling Face with SunglassesPurple Heart

“We will continue our description of life on Venus, as a fitting prelude to our well-earned privilege of serving in our present capacity…not technically designated as “teachers” but more in the role of “elder brothers,” guiding, encouraging and commending any forward step, as our comrades of earth fall into line with our steady march toward our goal…the acceptance of our Beloved Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, as Ruler of Shan, (planet earth)! Until he mounts his rightful throne of Power and Glory, and is accepted by mankind in a true spirit of loyalty and devotion, we are bound by our sacred word of honor to serve in any way which will speed that denouement.

Let us, then, proceed to our task of enlightening our friends on Shan as to some aspects of our accustomed mode of “home life,” which has afforded us a maximum of physical delight, (my scribe questions that term), but we do enjoy the sensory pleasures which you fear lost, as you make the transition into what you have named the “Fourth Dimension.”

True, it takes a little preparation to enter into this higher vibrational environment and participate to the fullest extent in the rare privileges which are ours. However, I assure you without equivocation our joy in the satisfying of every desire, (since we have learned the secret of desiring only what is for our highest good), goes so far beyond anything you have experienced in your present earth-life, that we are at a loss to know how to employ phrases strong enough to make it real to you!

When you “hear” the full, complete harmony of a celestial orchestra or the crystal-clear tones of a heart-stirring melody sung by one you regard as angelic…when a fragrance of unforgettable sweetness is wafted to you from you know not where…when a mental vision is reflected from some entrancing beauty spot, perhaps on Venus itself…when there surges through your entire being ecstasy which sets your heart aglow with love for every creature, for every growing thing from tiniest blossom to towering monarch of the forest, for every mortal who worships the great Creator…when you enjoy the full flavor of a delectable contribution to your daily repast direct from Nature’s matchless storehouse of edibles, (unspoiled by man’s tampering processes), have you not had a tantalizing foretaste of the “sensory pleasures” which many earth people imagine they must forego upon leaving their earth home, which has yielded them all too scanty a portion of genuine pleasure?

Yet it is an undeniable fact that we retain, in amplified, intensified form suited to our more sensitized capacity for enjoyment, all you have found truly pleasurable in your “material existence” as you call it. We hear and are especially susceptible to aromas…though we have none offensive to our sensitive nostrils. We have clarity of vision, extending to realms hidden from your eyes, no matter how expert your oculist may be! Our sense of touch is delicately adjusted to objects cast in a more etheric mold than those you encounter, and more easily shattered. In fact, they may be altered or even obliterated by the power of thought alone.

I have not touched upon the more spiritual aspects of our lives, which to us are precious beyond all else. Our lives abound in an ever-expanding appreciation of blessings, accruing from a free expression of our highest aspirations.

Unto each of thee I address these words of earthly usage, that they may be read and understood by thy conscious thinking processes, limited by previous thought patterns strongly etched on thy brain, which be the physical instrument wherewith thou dost interpret My thoughts in conformity with thy willingness to accept Divine Truth in its purity of concept.

At this culminating period of intense effort on the part of all Light Forces to enter every smallest opening in mortal minds and hearts with the illuminating power of Christ-Love, it be given Me, the Christ-of-God once manifesting in mortal form, to give every human being some glimpse of My glorified Being! Until the mass of mankind be brought to a point where they yearn exceedingly to know Me, (or the spirit of Truth which motivates My every word and act), of what avail would be My manifestation in garb of flesh? Would it not be accredited by the majority of mankind to some absurd, theoretical fantasies invented by minds closed to inspired revelation of Truth?

Lo, ye do contradict thine own selves! One moment you pray for a visible demonstration of the reality of One sent into flesh nigh two thousand years agone, that thus thy faith may be justified. The next moment ye deride and scoff at anyone who tells thee of beings, (not from highest heaven but from advanced planets more easily comprehensible to untutored, immature minds), sent of the Father to lead mankind to a partial understanding of the spiritual laws, by which man may progress.

My words of Truth and Life have been discarded by the multitudes as “impractical,” have been distorted, have been mouthed in “vain repetitions” until they have well-nigh lost their power to reach men’s souls, have been relegated to the realm of childish fondness for pleasing tales, oft cast aside as they grow to maturity. Think these be fitting preparations for My manifestation in mortal guise?

Oh, my little children of earth, list not to those who prate of vast stores of knowledge to be acquired through years of arduous study of ponderous tomes, designed to confuse thy minds and divert thee from the simple, direct pathway leading to true companionship with thy Master in thy daily thinking and living! One Truth lived each hour of every day in conscious attunement with thy Master and thy Heavenly Father doth bring Me closer to thee, than endless hours of reasoning about this or that theory concerning Life and its purpose.

To see Me with thy physical eyes would be to thee a boon beyond price, and this shall not be denied thee…yet will ye hasten the time of its occurring if ye will but behold Me in My spirit manifestation walking by thy side wherever duty calleth thee, revealing unto thee through our close understanding in what wise ye may best fulfill the tasks allotted to thee ere ye embarked upon thy present earth span.

Many now reading My written words be here as “ambassadors” from far flung vistas of “outer space,” having volunteered to endure the irritations of fleshly existence that they might in some wise aid in turning men’s minds toward a Christly mode of living. Unto these consecrated ones I say, “Lo, I shall give unto thee, mayhap in a way ye be not expecting, a true vision of thy Master and His boundless love for thee!”

Wouldst thou choose to see Me clothed in radiance of glory so dazzling you could not approach Me in thine earthly habiliments? Or may I come unto thee in seamless robe of perfect understanding of thine own earthly circumstances and problems?

Choose thee the latter, I pray thee, and in due season thy faithful service, performed in My Name and by My Power, shall lead thee to the hour appointed by our Heavenly Father, when thou shalt see thy Master face-to-face!”

In Days To Come, by Ashtar – Ethel P. Hill, 1957

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