Grateful Night, Loves 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For All Your Brothers And Sisters In Spirit. And No Matter How Stressful Our Lives May Get At Times…Or How Chaotic The World Around Us; Know That The Spirit Of The Living God Is Within Each And Every One…To Calm And Comfort And Guide And Protect Us…Whenever The Circumstances Of Life Seem Too Much To Bear! Never, Tho, Should We Blame God For The Evils And Trials Of Mankind’s Existence…But It Is The Hate And Lack Of Love For One Another That Dominate The Minds And Hearts Of Mankind…Which Negatively Affects The Collective Consciousness. Hate Begets Hate…LOVE BEGETS LOVE! It’s All Energy! Only When We Begin To Acknowledge The Love And Light Of The Spirit Of The Living God Within Us – Our “Mighty I AM Presence” – And Begin To LET LOVE DOMINATE OUR HEARTS AND MINDS – Over Negativity – Will Mankind Experience The Calm During The Storm, Comfort During The Pain…Divine Guidance Leading The Way…And The Power Of The “Great I AM” And Heavenly Host…To Keep Us Safe! Only When, Tho! Amen…Smiling Face with Open HandsPurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

“Where Is God? Do not seek Him – SEE Him!”

“A Hindu child once said to his playmate: “If you can tell me where God is, I will give you a mango.” The playmate replied: “If you can tell me where He is not, I will give you two mangos.”

Yes, where is He not? While most religions teach that God is omnipresent, the majority of people have difficulty in grasping this truth. They are under the illusion that He must be sought in particular places and in definite localities, such as in churches and in Heaven. Many make the mistake of attempting to fit their ideas of the Deity into their limited intelligence, and liken God unto themselves. They ascribe to Him hands, feet, face, senses and emotions, and assume that He is local and individual. The majority are unable to realize His ever-present nearness, but believe He is remote and separated from the universe, inaccessible and only to be approached through intermediaries.

Yet Jesus, who knew the Father, has told us that God is Spirit. Spirit fills all infinitude, is wholly and completely present everywhere and cannot be divided into segments; nor is Spirit relegated to some parts of the universe and excluded from others. God is Pure Intelligence or Spirit; the Primordial Essence of all things; the eternal basis of all forms. God is everything there is, seen and unseen, manifest and unmanifested; for nothing is lifeless but endowed with varying degrees of Intelligence, Spirit or God.

What is His relation to the universe? Deity and Nature are counterparts; the phenomenal world is the body of God just as the physical form is the body of man. Just as man’s spirit animates all parts of the corporeal body, so does Infinite Spirit animate all His creations. However, the objective universe is God no more than the corporeal body is man. God is in everything, yet all these things are not God. God is in me, but I am not God.

Is God with form, or is He formless? God is both with form and without form. God is one but becomes many and is constantly projecting Himself into all manner of forms. Forms are superimposed upon Spirit and change continually, while God or Spirit remains forever the same. God creates by thought and the universe is filled with creations which form His parts. All things are in reality the same substance with different rates of vibration. Seen subjectively there is Unity – beheld objectively there is multiplicity.

Is it possible to see God, and what is meant by seeing Him? Is He perceived or conceived? Never can God be seen with the physical eyes, but only with the eyes of the soul. Never can the Architect of the universe be seen sitting on some planet, sun, cloud, throne or mountain. The only necessary qualification to behold Him is to be pure in heart. He whose spiritual eyes are open sees God in all existing things.

Those who have difficulty seeing God should begin by looking for Him in man at his best. It is there we receive the clearest revelation. Every man is God-made flesh. He dwells equally in all men, the humblest as well as the greatest, be he man or angel, saint or sinner. God dwells on earth as well as in Heaven. He mingles with man and in men on the battlefield, the home, and on the street; in the market-place and in the mosque. Man is never out of the sight of God.

How can we know God? God and Truth are inseparable, and our knowledge of the one increases our knowledge of the other. Knowing God is the most important truth to be known, and a true understanding of Him is found within oneself. Since man is never separated from God, He can be contacted instantly and without intercessors. If man wants happiness in this life, if he wants to know who he is, why he was born, and what is the purpose of this life, then let him devote himself to knowing God.

However, in order to know God we must study more than His forms; we can do that forever and learn little. We must devote ourselves to observing His ways, His modes of manifestation, methods of operation, and study His attributes, which are Wisdom, Beauty, Order, Power, and Love.

Knowing God, or Oneness with the Divine, is the supreme goal of spiritual aspirants. It is the highest spiritual experience, to be attained only by deep contemplation. Oneness with the Divine implies not only consciousness of God, but identification with Him.”

An Eternal Career, by Frank and Lydia Hammer, 1947

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