Grateful Evening, Loves 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For Yourselves…And Everyone Else…All Over The World. And Where There Is Darkness – War, Violence, Hate, Destruction And Corruption On The Earth; Remember…The State Of The World Today Did Not Just Happen Upon Mankind Out Of Nowhere…But The Root Cause Of These Conditions Always Emanate From The Hearts And Minds Of Individuals! And Most Of These Problems Are Cyclical…With The Same Things Happening Over And Over Again – Same Issues, Similar Events, Same Causes…Same Complaints…With No Resolutions – Only Patches; Because Mankind Will Not Let Go…Of Those Old And Negative Ways Of Thinking And Being. But Until We, As Individuals And As A Collective, Learn To Acknowledge The Light Of Our Own “Mighty I AM Presence”…And Are Willing To Confront The Darkness Within Our Own Hearts And Minds And Rectify It – Daring To Confront Ourselves And Change For The Better…The World Will Never Experience Peace; For Positive Change Begins With The Individual…Positively Affecting Their World First…And Then It Radiates Outwards Into the Atmosphere. And Even If We Don’t See World Peace In This Generation…Maybe Our Purpose Is To Start The Process Of Reconditioning…The Way We Perceive Ourselves, Each Other, And All Life; A New Way Of Thinking And Being…Leading To The Elevation Of All Humanity! Amen…Smiling Face with Open HandsPurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For All Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

“I had not intended to explain quite yet the undesirability of any thought or condition of the psychic plane, but the demand compels it to come forth.

In the first place, the student must understand that what is called the psychic plane has nothing whatsoever to do with Spirituality. It is a faculty of the human consciousness which can be brought into play by human beings who will give sufficient attention to it; but the individual who wishes to reach into the psychic plane alone, either consciously or unconsciously, had better never been born into that embodiment. The fascination of the phenomena of the psychic plane, I assure you, is most alluring; for those whose attention becomes firmly anchored in the psychic plane do not loosen themselves from it in that embodiment, and it may take several embodiments to free them.

In all states of consciousness there is a fragment of Truth unrecognized – otherwise it would not be possible for it to be sustained – because you must understand that in all things and in all activities, there is some, more or less, of the God-Energy acting, misused truly, but nevertheless active.

Beloved Students! While it is necessary to explain this, I want you to make up your minds not to have any fear. Within the psychic stratum of thought and feeling is the principle activity of what we know as the sinister force in this world.

Sometimes souls with splendid Inner Attainment, not understanding the True Reality of this which I speak, have allowed their attention to become drawn to this stratum because of the premature awakening of the physical faculty, by a semblance of Truth being presented to them and some phenomena – enough to hold their attention. After the attention becomes fixed, everyone, without exception, will find the semblance of Truth disappearing.

The individuals who, through their own efforts, or through instruction being presented to them, get the true understanding of what the “Mighty I AM Presence” means – that It is the True and Mighty Self – and hold earnestly to It, never again can they be drawn into those discordant things, unless from their own volunteering from the Higher Planes of activity, where they know exactly what they are doing.

War periods more readily than any other, open individuals to this psychic plane. Consequently it has always been observed that after war periods there is always a greater unleashing of the uncontrolled passion than at any other time.

Knowing this should in no wise cause anyone to fear this psychic stratum. If students find themselves conscious of passing through it, they should instantly take the consciousness: “‘I AM’ the Controlling Master Presence, always Victorious”; and they will instantly find strength to face, whatever appears, and go fearlessly and serenely through.

Jesus suggested that this Explanation be given while the students were under the Triple Radiation. (This Triple Radiation means that in His Radiation, He always carries with it the Triple Activity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or the “I AM Presence”. All who apply the “I AM Presence” are receiving the Triple Activity as long as they maintain It, and the Triple Activity is always Self-sustained.)

Individuals who will cling tenaciously to the “I AM Presence” need never, anytime, anywhere, ever fear any of these things, because It will correct them and hold them steady on the True Pathway of Light, up whose Golden Stairway they may climb with definite precision, into their Full Dominion and Perfection.”  Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

Beloved Saint Germain

Beloved Saint Germain quote 128

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