Blessed Night, Family Of Light 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone Tonight…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For Yourselves…And Everyone Else. And As We Are Praying For The World…Concerned with Its Outcome; Let Us All Take A Moment To Reflect. Ohhh, How Distraught Were We When The Pandemic Fell Upon Us In 2020? Many Thought It Would Pass Sooner Than Later…Some Thought, Or Still Think It Was A Conspiracy Against Mankind And Mother Nature; Still Others Thought It Was A Judgement From God…A Divine Sign!  If It Were A Warning From God…Did We Truly Take Heed? Has Anything Changed In The Way We Treat Our Brothers And Sisters; Or Are We Worse Off Than We Were Before? Did We So Misunderstand The Lesson…That It Required One – More Devastating – To Open Our Eyes? Enter The Stage – The Possibility Of World War Three – Cuz Mankind Still Act Like…They Cannot SEE! Yet…God Continuously Gives To Mankind…Chance After Chance To Repent!  The Age-Old Issues Of Hate, Racism…And Lack Of Love For Any Of God’s Children…Is The Leading Cause For Most Of Humanity’s Disastrous Conditions! I Mean…How Can Individuals Caught Up In The Middle Of A War Situation…Bombs And Blasts All Around – Their People Begging For The Mercy And Help Of The World; And Yet, Within The Throes Of War And Their Need For Help…Still Be Hateful And Racist To Others! I Mean Really! Really?  Many Times, Tho, We As Humans…Want The Protection Of The World When We Need It; But Many People Probably Wouldn’t Throw A Lifeline To God…If It Were Necessary! For Mankind Is Not SEEING; Or Maybe Not Quite Understanding…The Severity Of The Times…And Of The Lessons. Now, Most Of Us Have Never Experienced A Pandemic In Our Lifetime…Or A World War; But These Events, Mankind Has Experienced Before; Tho, As Of Yet, Have Not Learned From! So, Humanity Repeats The Grade!  Do We Not Want To Elevate And Expand Our Consciousness…And Move From The Third To The Fourth…And Experience A Higher Quality Of Existence? Or Is It More Important To Relegate Our Lives To This Material Realm…And Its Impermanent Illusions Of Material Gains And Pleasures? It Would Be Different If We Didn’t Know What We Had To Do To Change For The Betterment Of Us All. But We Know! And God And All The Heavenly Powers That Be…Know That We Know!  But Until We Do Right By God, Mother Earth…And All Creation In The Universe; Until We Honor And Listen To The Presence Of God Within Us – Our “Mighty I AM Presence” – We Will Experience The Repercussions Of Disobedience. And Y’all Know…God Will Always Show Us Better Than He Can Tell Us; Cuz Mankind Refuses…To Listen! Amen…Smiling Face with Open HandsPurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

(The Mystery Of Suffering)

“All over the world people are asking, “Why is there so much suffering?” Sorrow and pain are excellent awakeners, conducive to thought; and when people have had abundant afflictive experiences, they seek the cause, and for a means of future prevention.

Why there should be pain at all is a paradox, for undoubtedly Omnipotent God could have created man differently; but for wise purposes beyond our present range of knowledge created him with the capacity to suffer. God also gave man free will, and it is by the exercise of this, that man settles his own destiny and makes his happiness or unhappiness.

Searching for causes of suffering leads to the inevitable conclusion that the responsibility of it rests with man, and not with God. Although the primitive view of suffering was that it was made by God, and that therefore it should be removed by Him without any effort on the part of man. Backward people have always imagined that God is cruel and capricious and delighted in torturing His children. Enlightened men, however, do not subscribe to this theory and hold that God is goodness, mercy and justice with a profound love for His creations.

Since men can choose good or evil, why do they often elect the latter? Why do they inflict injuries upon their fellowmen when they can confer benefits? The answer is ignorance. As all men are ignorant to some degree, all men suffer.

The only antidote for ignorance is knowledge. Not academic or intellectual attainments for they will never solve the problem, but the understanding and the application of spiritual laws and principles. Tragically, most men are unaware of them. They do not understand their true nature; they have no knowledge of the relation of the soul to the body; of the continuity of life, and that immutable and irrevocable laws govern their thinking and conduct. Humanity’s prevailing unawareness of these truths is reflected in the misery of the world.

Unquestionably physical suffering is the most common. While everyone admits that good health is one of the greatest of blessings, yet few are they who can boast of all around good health. Despite the advance of science and the discovery of drugs, hospitals and sanitariums are more crowded than ever. Why? Because people violate the laws of health and hygiene. True, they do it mostly in ignorance, but ignorance does not change or suspend the laws of nature. Many people delude themselves that they are “getting by with it” because the effects of the violation are often slow and subtle, only in later years to pay the penalty in pain and suffering.

Another source of suffering is the flouting of the civil laws. Like hospitals, reports from every section of the country indicate that the jails, prisons and penitentiaries are badly over-crowded. With statistics disclosing that more than one-half a million people are incarcerated, one would suppose that men would see the folly of such conduct and become law-abiding. Such however is not the case. Peculiarly, men remain unteachable save through bitter experience, and persist in trying to do what never has been done—outwit the law of cause and effect.

The fact that only about one-tenth of the criminals are apprehended leads many people to believe they can get by with it if sufficiently clever. Circumventing earthly laws is only postponement, for the episode does not end when the judge and jury pronounce them “not guilty.” Eventually all violators are overtaken by the law of retribution which operates with a geometrical rigor penalizing all wrong doers.

A prolific source of suffering arises from the violation of the mental laws. Few people have the slightest conception that their thinking has a corresponding effect upon themselves and the external world. Yet it is in his creative capacity that man most closely resembles his Creator.

THOUGHT IS THE CREATIVE POWER! BEWARE HOW YOU USE IT! Harboring thoughts of hate, envy, malice, ill-will, jealousy and the rest of their breed is inviting certain disaster. It is the nature of thoughts to become objective and man then finds himself surrounded by his mental creations.

Wrong thinking has filled the world with injurious and malevolent productions, and the worst of these is war. Thoughts are highly contagious and quickly infect the minds of the multitude with the epidemic of violence. The masses unfamiliar with the nature and power of thought, supinely allow their minds to be manipulated by a morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt minority.

Governments spend billions of the people’s money for propagandizing them to hate and kill one another, much in the same manner as thugs are primed with dope. Yet much less money would be needed to indoctrinate people with peace, because peace is natural, while war is unnatural.

Profanation of the law of brotherhood has caused more sorrow and suffering than any other single factor. It should be, but unfortunately it is not even apparent that the individual man is but an infinitesimal part of the whole, and that he is indissolubly linked with the rest of the race. The will, thoughts and actions of other men influence his life, affect his destiny and contribute towards his happiness and unhappiness. We cannot rise above humanity, nor isolate ourselves from them, or escape their ignorance, degradations and other diseases.

What we do to one man, we do to all men; so long as one man suffers, we shall all suffer.”

An Eternal Career, by Frank and Lydia Hammer, 1947

Frank and Lydia Hammer quote 3

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