Blessed Evening Loves 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For All God’s Children…And All God’s Creation. And Despite Our Negative Conditionings And The Dark Influences Imposed Upon Mankind…That Divine Love That We Came Into This World With…Is Still Within Us – For It Is Our Life Stream; It Is The Spirit Of The Living God That Never Fails! And Yes…God Is Spirit…Not Human! And To Search For Our Ultimate Help Outside Of Ourselves…Is To Negate The Power Of The “Mighty I AM Presence” That Dwells Within Us…And All Of Creation! For Although We Move About And Handle The Business Of Life, Seemingly, On Our Own; Just Remember…Regardless Of Religious Or Spiritual Beliefs…Regardless Of The Good Or Bad That We Have Created In This World; What We Didn’t Do…Was Create Our Eternal Spirit Or Our Fleshly Temple! We Did Not Come Into Being Of Our Own Efforts…And Neither Are We Robots; But It Is The Spirit Of The Living God Within All Of Us…That We Live, That We Breathe…That Our Moving About Life Is Made Possible! And To Believe In Yourself Is To Believe In God…Cuz The Spirit Of The Living God is In You! And To Believe In God Is To Believe In Yourself…Cuz The Spirit Of The Living God Is In You! And That’s Real! Cuz When The Spirit Leaves The Temple…So Goes The Individual! And No Matter How Some May See It, Believe It, Or Perceive It…There Is No Existence – Not None – Without The Spirit Of The Living God Dwelling Within! And THAT SPIRIT…IS POWER! Amen…Smiling Face with Open HandsPurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

“Love is the drawing power of mind. It is the magnet of the universe, and about it may be clustered all the attributes of Being, by one who thinks in divine order.

Many who have found the law of true thinking and its effect, wonder why supply does not come to them after months and years of holding thoughts of bounty. It is because they have not developed love. They have formed the right image in mind, but the magnet that draws the substance from the storehouse of Being has not been set into action.

To demonstrate supply, we must think supply, and thus form it in the consciousness. We must conserve all the ideas of substance in the mind–and also the fluids of the body, their representatives–because we must have a base for our form. We must vibrate the love center in thought, word, and act. Then there will come to us on the wings of invisibility that which will satisfy every need. This is the secret of demonstrating plenty from the ethers.

“Love . . . taketh not account of evil.” Love never sees anything wrong in that which it loves. If it did, it would not be pure love. Pure love is without discriminating power. It simply pours itself out upon the object of its affection and takes no account of the result. By so doing, love sometimes casts its pearls before swine, but its power is so great that it transforms all that it touches.

Do not be afraid to pour out your love upon all the so-called evil in the world. Deny the appearance of evil and affirm the omnipotence and the omnipresence of love and goodness. Take no account of the evil that appears in your life and your affairs. Refuse to see it as evil. Declare that what seems evil has somewhere a good side, which shall through your persistent affirmation of its presence be made visible.

By using this creative power of your own thought, you will change that which seemed evil into good, and divine love will pour its healing balm over all.

Sickness is not good, because it is not of God; but if, through past ignorance in thought or act, a person finds himself in its grasp, he can hasten his deliverance by affirming the experience to be a good lesson that he will take to heart and profit by. If he bemoans his sad fate, he throws the shadow of gloom into the healing waters of love, thereby corrupting them and weakening their restorative action for him.

Always remember that love is the great magnet of God. It is, of itself, neither good nor evil. These are qualities given to it by the thinking faculty in man.

Whatever you see for your love, that it will draw to you, because as a magnet it attracts whatever you set your desire upon. To focus your love about self and selfish aims will cause it to draw around you the limited things of personality and the hollow shams of sense life. To focus your love upon money and the possessions of the material world will make you the slave of mammon and will make your life a failure and a disappointment. To focus your love upon anything less than All-Good will eventually cause you to fall short of your highest aspiration and will keep you outside the kingdom of heaven.

“Love suffereth long and is kind.” Love does not resent injuries. It does not take affront and insult into account. Pure love does not recognize personality; hence when a person is in the consciousness of love, he cannot be hurt at what may be said to him or about him. “A soft answer turneth away wrath” is ever on the lips of love, and whoever makes this his thought focus will be able to reduce to peace and harmony the tides of impatience and anger that may be surging about him. One with strong love and the right focal idea may control turbulent multitudes by his silent thought alone.

When we speak of the power of love, it should be understood that we mean power exercised through love. Power is a faculty of mind. It associates itself with some other faculty and in conjunction with that faculty it is made manifest. 

In the relation of man’s faculties in Divine Mind, power and love are associated in action, but in man’s present concept of relations he has associated intellect and power. From this wrong relation arise the tyranny and oppression so evident in the world. Power should never be exercised except through love. Whoever associates his power and his intellect and attempts in a blind way to force his desire to fulfillment will always bring about discord and unrighteous oppression.

Power cannot be used successfully through intellect, because intellect lacks wisdom. Wisdom associates itself with love and can be found in its purity only at the heart center, hence we speak of the “still small voice” within. Elijah found that the voice of God was not in the wind, not in the earthquake or the fire–these being of the intellect–but in the “still small voice.”

Intellect is not wise. Wisdom is not its office. Intellect is the executive officer of wisdom and can do right only when faithfully carrying out the instructions of its principle. We see how dangerous to the welfare of man it is for intellect to assume knowledge and to call upon power to help it in carrying out its unsubstantial ideas.

Power is the faculty in mind that propels outward, and it must necessarily have balance in some other faculty in order to hold its equilibrium. There is but one other faculty that has opposite action, and that is love, whose office is attraction. When power and love are associated, the centrifugal and the centripetal forces of Being are equalized; man unifies all the work that the Lord God has given him to do, and his dominion over the forces of Being is exercised in peace and harmony.

Peace and harmony are the focalizing ideas that chord with the divine nature of love, and when they are associated in the mind there is no limit to man’s power.

It is said by those who know the power of spiritual forces that one man developed large enough in love might dissolve this planet with his word. But one so developed would never do anything to interfere in any way with the life and the rights of another. Love does not offend or take offense.”

Talks on Truth, by Charles Fillmore, 1912

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