Blessed Evening, Lovelies 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For Yourselves…And Everyone Else…All Over The World! And Like The Great Central Sun Unselfishly Emitting Its Loving Energy And Rays Of Light Throughout The Earth, To Sustain Each And Every One Of Us…And All Creation; Let Us Not Hold On To The Love, Joy, And Compassion Within Ourselves – Reserving Them Only For Those Close To Us. Instead, Let Us All Release Those Loving Qualities Of Our “Mighty I AM Presence” Back Into The Atmosphere…Which Raises The Vibration Of All Mankind And All Creation Everywhere – Even If We Don’t See It; And Is An Extension Of Our Gratitude For Life… And For The Great Central Sun’s Love And Light…That Sustains Us; Cuz It’s Real! Amen…Smiling Face with Open HandsPurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

“”I AM” in you is the Self-sustaining strength and healing, manifesting in your mind and body. This keeps you in greater attunement. Face God! And the Energy always surges forth to command every situation.

Individuals who understand this Law are not subject to injustice and conditions which the outer selves of other beings try to impose upon them. Keep the outer reminded of this often. Be sure always within yourselves that there is only the Presence and Power of God acting in you and your affairs.

Keep using the statement at all times that: “There is nothing hidden that is not revealed to me.” This is always necessary. However, no matter what individuals want to do, your safeguard is always to pour out the Love of God to them. God is the All-Knowing Presence and Power, knows and discovers all things.

You may say for another: “Mighty Master Self, the ‘I AM Presence’ within this individual, come forth in Thy Conscious Power, with Thy Mighty Insight and Foresight, with Thy Wisdom and Directing Intelligence; and see that all things are adjusted for her, and that she is given the peace and rest she so much deserves. ‘I AM’ the Commanding Presence directing and commanding this to be done, and it is done now. Lift the consciousness into the Full Dazzling Light, where she may see and know the repose, rest, and beauty, that is hers by her own creation and service.”

It is a mistake to let sympathy draw you into conditions that are very destructive. Take the stand: “‘I AM’ the only Presence acting there.”

For helping those who have passed on through so-called death: “‘I AM’ the Presence holding that individual in the sphere where he belongs, teaching and enlightening him.”

If the student can get the correct idea of pouring out the Love to his own Divine Self, he will receive complete relief from every discord. To perfect conditions say: “‘I AM’ the Presence there, governing and healing the situation.”

The individual who wants to rise into the “God Presence” and live there, needs the energy he wastes. The very energy individuals waste is the force and strength by which they are enabled to hold fast to the “God Presence”. This Energy is the Life they need to enable them to turn and hold steadfast to the “God Presence”.

When the outer self has for centuries used Life’s Energy to create wrong conditions, that waste of the energy becomes a wide-open drain upon the consciousness of individuals. 

Doctors are responsible for much of this terrible condition, for they teach the gratification of the sex appetite, and that is the greatest avenue of waste with which human beings have to contend. This is what makes it impossible to hold fast to the “God Presence” long enough to attain the Mastery. Even in the ignorance of the outer mind, some natures have a powerful development of the Love Activity. The Pure Love of God never goes below the heart. True Love never requires sex contact of any kind.

There is only one possible way to change anything which has been created and directed into a wrong channel. The only permanent way to overcome it is to change the attention and rise out of it.

Use the Statement: “‘I AM’ the Governing Presence of this Energy and the only Power that can raise it. ‘I AM’ the Presence raising and transcending it, and that action is forever Self-sustained.”

Know: “‘I AM’ the Presence doing this, and therefore it is done now, for God’s Activity is always instantaneous.”

In any wrong condition, the first thing to do is to call on the Law of Forgiveness. Remember that when a thing has been set in motion or energized, it simply acts.

The Great Ascended Host of Light are ever with those who want to do right. Send your thought out to Them, and you shall always receive help. You have and Invulnerable, Invincible Power when you know you have the recognition of the “I AM Presence”.

The Law of Forgiveness is the wide-open Door to reach the Heart of God. It is the Keynote and Hub on which the Universe turns.

BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence of God! We give praise and thanks for Thy ceaseless Ministry. We call Thy Blessings, Thy Wisdom, Thy Intelligence to act through each one, giving peace of mind, peace of body, and joy of heart, to go forth the Ruling, Conquering, Victorious Presence over all things. We give praise and thanks that the “Mighty Presence I AM”, God in Action, governs all official places, causing Thy Perfection to be ever-operative and self-sustained in Thy name and through Thy Presence.” Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

Beloved Saint Germain

Beloved Saint Germain quote 119

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