Grateful Evening, Loves 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For Yourselves And Other Selves.  And No Matter The Negative Circumstances Or Outer Appearances In The World, During These Times…No Matter How Hard This Round Of Existence May Be; Always Remain Grateful For This Opportunity Of Life…Cuz It Is A Divine Blessing, Indeed! Spend More Personal Time With Your Own “Mighty I AM Presence”…Connecting With…And Cultivating Wisdom And Knowledge; Expanding The Power, The Love, And The Light Of The Spirit Of God Within You; Then Illuminating The World With Your Presence! Make Every Effort To Be Love And Share Love – However, Whenever, Or Wherever Necessary; And Always Give Thanks And Praises To Jesus The Christ And The Ascended Masters…And All The Heavenly Host…For Reminding Us…Of Our Divinity! Amen…Hugging FacePurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

“Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence, Thou All-Pervading Intelligence! Thy Love, Wisdom, and Power govern all things. Thy Divine Justice is ever operating in the lives and worlds of those who look to Thee with unfailing determination. We give praise and thanks that Thou art Ruling Power and Governing Intelligence ruling all things. We give praise and thanks that in our world Thou art the ever-sustaining, Invincible Power. We Thank Thee. God always finds a way to help those whose hearts reach out to Him.”

“The seeming mysteries of Life with their attendant experiences are, when rightly understood, blessings in disguise; for any experience that causes us to turn more firmly to the One Active Presence, “I AM”, God in Action, has served us a wonderful purpose and blessing.

The unfortunate situation in which personalities find themselves exists because they are constantly looking to outside sources for Sustenance, directing Intelligence, and for the Love that is the Supreme Presence and Power of the Universe.

It matters not what the conditions are that we face, at no time must we lose track of, or allow ourselves to be drawn from the Great Truth that: “Love is the Hub of the Universe upon which everything revolves.” This does not mean that we shall love inharmony, discord, or anything unlike the Christ, but instead we can love God in Action, the “I AM Presence” everywhere present; for the opposite of hate is Love, and one cannot hate in any sense without having loved deeply. The Admonition that Jesus gave was truly this idea.

Each human being is a power, and is intended to be the governing principle of his Life and world. In the recognition that within each human being is the “I AM Presence of God” ever acting, then everyone knows that he holds within his outer hands the Scepter of Dominion, and should use his conscious determination in knowing that the Invincible Presence of God is, every moment, the Intelligent Activity in his world and affairs.

This keeps the attention from becoming fixed on the outer appearance, which is never the Truth unless illumined by the “I AM Presence”.

No matter what the problem is to be solved in the individual’s Life, there is only One Power, Presence, and Intelligence that can solve it, and that is the individual’s recognition of the All-powerful Presence of God, with whom no outer activity may interfere, unless the individual’s attention is knowingly or unknowingly drawn from his central recognition and acceptance of the Supreme God Power.

In the recognition of” “‘I AM’ here and ‘I AM’ there”, friends wherever needful will be raised up to one’s assistance, for: “‘I AM’ the friends brought forward whenever and wherever it is necessary.”

The release from all outer dominion or interference can only come through this recognition of the “I AM Presence”, God in Action In the individual’s Life and world.

As one advances, he finds himself becoming more and more Invincible to this outer creation of mankind which brings such great distress.

The Statement of Jesus: “Know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free”, was perhaps one of the simplest and greatest Truths to ever be uttered; for the first fundamental of knowing this Great Truth to which he referred was to know that you have within you this Invincible Presence of God.

If you know that and are certain of It within your own consciousness, I mean by that, standing with firm determination in the face of everything, then you know you do have that Presence within.

Your next step is to take your stand: “‘I AM’ the Illumining, Revealing Presence, and no outer activity that I need to know can be withheld from me, because ‘I AM’ the Wisdom, ‘I AM’ the Perception, ‘I AM’ the Revealing Power bringing everything before me, that I may see and understand, and be able to act accordingly.”

It is so easy, when you once understand that: “‘I AM’ the Only Intelligence and Presence acting”, to see how you have the Scepter within your own hands, and through this “I AM Presence” you can compel everything you need to know to be revealed to you.

The student who knows the Power of God within himself need never fear anything from anyone.

If you want peace and harmony, know: “‘I AM’ the Power producing it.”

If you want adjustment in your affairs and world, know: “‘I AM’ the Mighty Intelligence and Power producing it, and no outer activity can interfere with it.”

Say often: “‘I AM the Presence”, in everything you wish to have done. This opens the way for the Power of God to act and bring you Justice.

Have no sympathy for the outer that in its ignorance does the wrong thing, whether in yourself or someone else.

Keep calm and serene, knowing: “God is the only Intelligence and Power acting in your world and affairs.” Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

Beloved Saint Germain

John 8_32 quote

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