Blessed Evening, Loves 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For Yourselves And Other Selves; But If Not…And There Be A Lack For Whatever Reasons; Just Remember…Our Individual Evolution Starts With Ourselves…Regardless Of Outer Circumstances, Appearances, Or People.  And One Teeny Weeny Divine Spark In One Person, Will Ignite Another Divine Spark In Another; And One Itsy Bitsy Divine Flame In Somebody Else, Will Light Another Divine Flame In The Next; Until The Collective Consciousness Of All Mankind Becomes One Massive Illumining Light Of Divine Healing, Transforming, And Protective Power; Fueled By The Love And Light Of The Spirit Of The Living God Within Us – Our “Mighty I AM Presence”!  Sounds Unbelievable, Huh? But It Is Possible, Tho…When Once Mankind Get “Tide” Of Trodding The Same ‘Ol Dusty Roads…And Prepare Themselves…For The Three To Fo’ Switchover; Cuz It’s Coming! Amen…Hugging FacePurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart


“The true alchemist requires no ingredients for his processes, such as he could buy in a chemist’s shop. He finds the materials which he needs within his own organisation. The highest processes of alchemy require no mechanical labour; they consist in the purification of the soul, and in transforming animal man into a divine being.

The invisible principles of which the constitution of man is made up are called his metals, because they are more lasting and enduring than flesh and blood.

The metals which are formed by his thoughts and desires will continue to exist after the perishing elements constituting his physical body have been dissolved. Man’s animal principles are the base metals of which his animal organisation consists; they must be changed into nobler metals by transforming his vices into virtue, until they pass through all colours and turn into the gold of pure spirituality.

To accomplish this it is necessary that the grossest elements in his astral form should die and putrefy, so that the light of the spirit penetrate through the hard shell and call the inner man into life and activity.”

There are no hard lines separating the various kingdoms in nature, and the actions of laws manifested in one kingdom find their analogies in other kingdoms. The processes taking place in the spiritual planes are also taking place in the astral and material planes, subject, of course, to such modifications as are imposed by the conditions existing upon these planes.

Nature is not, as your scientists seem to believe, an agglomeration of fundamentally different objects and elements; nature is a whole, and everything in the organism acts and is acted on by every other thing contained therein.

This is a fact which the ancient alchemists knew, and which the modern chemists would do well to remember; for we find already in the book of Sohar the following passage: Everything that exists upon the Earth has its ethereal counterpart above the Earth (that is to say, in the inner realm), and there is nothing, however insignificant it may appear in the world, which is not depending on something higher (or more interior ); so that if the lower part acts, its presiding higher part reacts upon it.

Within yourself is contained the universe with all its powers, heaven and hell, angels and devils, and all the kingdoms with their inhabitants, and you may call them into life at your pleasure.

You are the god and creator within your own universe. You continually people that world with forms, coming into existence by your thoughts, and you infuse them with your life by the power of will.

The universal process, by which all the processes of life take place, is the unfoldment of Life. He who can guide and control the power of life is an alchemist. He can create new forms and increase the substance of those forms.

The chemist creates nothing new; he merely forms new combinations of the substances in his possession; the alchemist causes the substance to attract corresponding elements from the invisible storehouse in nature, and to increase.

The chemist deals with matter in which the principle of life is inactive, that is to say, in which it manifests itself merely as mechanical or chemical energy; the alchemist deals with the principle of life, and causes living forms to come into existence.

The chemist may transform sulphur into invisible gas and cause that gas to become sulphur again, and the sulphur obtained at the end of the experiment will be just as much in quantity as it was at the beginning; but the gardener who puts a seed in the ground, and prepares the conditions necessary for that seed to grow into a tree, is an alchemist because he calls something into existence which did not exist ready-made in the seed, and out of one seed he may thus obtain a thousand seeds of the same kind.

Let me then tell you once more that Nature is a Unity, and that consequently each particle of matter, even the smallest, is a part of nature in which the possibilities of the whole are hidden. Each speck of dust may under favourable conditions develop into a universe in which all the elements existing in nature can be found. The reason why your scientists are unable to comprehend this truth is because their fundamental doctrines about the constitution of matter and energy are entirely wrong.

Your Dualism in theology has been the cause of untold misery, creating a continual quarrel between God and the Devil; your Polytheism in science blinds the eyes and obstructs the judgment of the learned, and keeps them in ignorance. What do you know about the attributes of primordial matter? What do you know about the difference between matter and force? All the so-called “simple substances” known to your science are originally grown out of primordial matter. But this primordial matter is a Unity; it is only One.

Consequently each particle of this primordial matter must be able to grow under certain conditions into gold, under other conditions to produce iron, under others mercury, etc.

This is what the ancient alchemists meant when they said that each of the seven metals contains the seeds of the other seven; and they also taught that, for the purpose of transmuting one body into another, the body to be transmuted would have to be reduced first into its Prima Materia.

The seed for the production of plants grows in the plants themselves; the seed for the production of animals grows in the animals; the ‘seed’ for the production of metals rests in the metals. It is not sufficient merely to melt a metal, to make it grow; it must be made subject to the power of life.” 

With the Adepts, An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians, by Franz Hartmann, 1910

Franz Hartmann quote

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