Blessed Evening, Lovely People 😊

I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For Yourselves And Other Selves; And With All The Changes That Are Taking Place In The World…From One End Of The Earth To The Other…Remember That The Energy Emitted By Each And Every Individual…Has An Effect On Everyone Else…And All Of Creation!  And Nowadays We Don’t Just Hear About The Effects In The News Media…But Collectively, We Are Seeing, Experiencing, And Feeling The Effects Of Each Other’s Thoughts, Words, And Actions…All Over The World.  And With The World.Wide.Web…The Speed Of Internet And Social Media…The Connection Is Apparent! Imagine – You, Me, All Of Us – As Points Of Light Energy Linked Around The Entire Earth; Invisible To Our Physical Eyes, Maybe…But Let Us Visualize It With Our Single Eye!  We Can Instantly Connect With Someone Or To Some Place, Almost Anywhere In The World…Without Even Being There; And For Many, It Is Possible Without The Use Of Technology.  So, As We Gain Clarity About Our Connection To The One True And Eternal Source…Therefore Our Interconnectedness To One Another; Let Us Remember That We, Again, Will All Return To That Same Source…When We Leave This Earth!  So In The Meantime And In-Between Time…Since We Are Here Together, Y’all…Energetically United – Each One Affecting The Other – Positively Or Negatively – Thru Our Thoughts, Words, And Actions; Let Us Focus On Love, Joy, And Compassion – And Raise The Collective Vibration – Regardless Of The Resistance; Representing The Eternal “Presence Of God ” Within Us…Our “Mighty I AM Presence”!  And It Is The “Presence Of God” That Matters! For It Is The One True And Eternal Source From Which We All Originate…And The One True And Eternal Source To Which We Shall All Return…One Day! Amen…Hugging FacePurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving HeartsRevolving HeartsRevolving Hearts

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

Of Piety And True Philosophy:

“Hermes:    Both for the sake of love to man, and piety to God, I now, my son, for the first time take pen in hand. For there can be no piety more righteous than to know the things that are, and to give thanks for these to Him who made them,—which I will never cease to do.

Tat:    By doing what, O father, then, if naught be true down here, may one live wisely?

Hermes:    Be pious, son! Who pious is, doth reach the height of all philosophy; without philosophy the height of piety cannot be scaled. But he who learns what are existent things, and how they have been ordered, and by whom, and for whose sake,—he will give thanks for all unto the Demiurge, as unto a good sire, a nurse most excellent, a steward who doth never break his trust. Who giveth thanks, he will be pious; and he who pious is, will get to know both where is Truth, and what it is. And as he learns, he will more and more pious grow.

For never, son, can an embodied soul that has once leaped aloft, so as to get a hold upon the truly Good and True, slip back again into the contrary. For when the soul once knows the Author of its Peace, ’tis filled with wondrous love, and with forgetfulness of every ill, and can no more keep from the Good. Let this be, O My son, the goal of piety;—to which if thou attain, thou shalt both nobly live, and happily depart from life, for that thy soul no longer will be ignorant of whither it should wing its flight again.

This is the only Way, my son,—the Path that leads to Truth, the Path on which our forebears, too, did set their feet, and, setting them, did find the Good.

Solemn and smooth this Path, yet difficult to tread for soul while still in body. For first it hath to fight against itself, and make a great dissension, and manage that the victory should rest with the one part of its own self. For that there is a contest of the one against the two – the former trying to flee, the latter dragging down. And there’s great strife and battle dire of these with one another – the one desiring to escape, the others striving to detain.

The victory, moreover, of the one or of the others is not resemblant. For that the one doth hasten upwards to the Good, the others settle downwards to the bad. The one longs to be freed; the others love their slavery. If now the two be vanquished, they remain deprived of their own selves and of their ruler; but if the one be worsted, ’tis harried by the two, and driven about, being tortured by the life down here.

This is, my son, the one who leadeth thee upon the Thither Path. Thou must, my son, first leave behind thy body, before the end of it is reached, and come out victor in the life of conflict, and thus as victor wend thy way towards home.

And now, my son, I will go through the things that are by heads; for thou wilt understand the things that will be said, if thou remember what thy ears have heard.

All things that are, are then in motion; alone the that which is not, is exempt from it. Every body is in a state of change; but all bodies are not dissolvable; some bodies only are dissolvable. Not every animal is mortal; not every animal, immortal.

That which can be dissolved, can also be destroyed; the permanent is the unchangeable; the that which doth not change, is the eternal. What doth become for ever, for ever also is destroyed; what once for all becomes, is never more destroyed, nor does it ever more become some other thing.

First God; second the Cosmos; third is man. The Cosmos, for man’s sake; and man, for God’s. The soul’s irrational part is mortal; its rational part, immortal. All essence is immortal; all essence, free from change. All that exists is twofold; naught of existing things remains. Not all are moved by soul; the soul moves all that doth exist.

All that suffereth is sensible; not all that’s sensible, doth suffer. All that feels pain, doth also have experience of pleasure – a mortal life; not all that doth experience pleasure, feeleth also pain – a life immortal. Not every body is subject to disease; all bodies subject to disease are subject too to dissolution.

The mind is in God; the reasoning faculty is in man. The reason is in the mind; the mind’s above all suffering. Nothing in body is true; all in the bodiless is free from what’s untrue. All that becomes, is subject unto change; not all that doth become, need be dissolved.

All in the heaven is free from change; all on the earth is subject unto it.

Now for a body that can be dissolved, there are two “times”: the period from its sowing till its birth, and from its birth until its death; but for an everlasting body, the time from birth alone.

Things subject unto dissolution wax and wane. The matter that’s dissolved, doth undergo two contrary transformings: death and birth; but everlasting matter, doth change either to its own self, or into things like to itself.

The birth of man is the beginning of his dissolution; man’s dissolution the beginning of his birth. That which departs, returns; and what returns departs again.”  (Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 3, by G.R.S. Mead) Woman Bowing: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

Thrice-Greatest Hermes quote

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