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I Pray All Is Well With Everyone…And Your Hearts And Minds Are Full Of Love, Joy, And Compassion…For All Of Your Sisters And Brothers In Spirit! And I Pray That Everyone Reach Out To Help Those In Need, In Whatever Way Possible…As One Human Being To Another…And As Citizens Of This Earth…To Survive These Trying And Changing Times In Which We Are All Experiencing…And For Those To Come; By Extending A Helping Hand To Our Neighbors – Remembering The Love That God Has For All Of Us – And Representing The Love Of God Within Us…The Eternal Light Of Our “I AM Presence”! Amen…Hugging FacePurple HeartPurple HeartPurple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises…And Stay In Prayer For Yourselves And Your Neighbors; And Everybody Be Love To Everybody! Glory To God!  Smiling Face with Smiling EyesFolded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin ToneRevolving Hearts

“The soul being of man differs from his corporality through being his own inner world. This inner world peculiar to each person faces one the moment one directs one’s attention to the simplest sensation. One finds, in the first place, that no one can know if another person perceives even the simplest sensation in exactly the same way as one does oneself.

It is known that there are people who are colorblind. They see things only in different shades of gray. Others are partially colorblind. They are unable, because of this, to perceive certain shades of colors. The picture of the world which their eyes give them is different from that of so-called normal persons.

And the same holds good in regard to the other senses. It will be seen, therefore, without further elaboration, that even simple sensations belong to the inner world. I can perceive with my bodily senses the red table which another person also perceives; but I cannot perceive his sensation of red. One must therefore describe sensation as belonging to the soul. If one grasps this fact alone quite clearly, he will soon cease to regard inner experiences as mere brain processes or something similar.

The first result of sensation is feeling. One sensation causes man pleasure, another displeasure. These are stirrings of his inner, his soul life. Man creates in his feelings a second world in addition to that which works on him from without. And a third is added to this—the will. Through it man reacts on the outer world. And he thereby stamps the impress of his inner being on the outer world.

The soul of man, as it were, flows outward in the activities of his will. The actions of the human being differ from the occurrences of outer nature in that they bear the impress of his inner life. In this way the soul represents what is man’s own in contradistinction to the outer world. He receives from the outer world the incitements; but he creates, in responding to these incitements, a world of his own. The corporality becomes the foundation of the soul being of man.

The soul being of man is not determined by the body alone. Man does not wander aimlessly and without a goal from one sensation to another; neither does he act under the influence of every casual incitement directed on him either from without or through the processes of his body. He thinks about his perceptions and his acts.

By thinking about his perceptions he gains knowledge of things; by thinking about his acts he introduces a reasonable coherence into his life. He knows also that he will fulfill his duty as a human being only when he lets himself be guided by correct thinking in knowledge as well as in acts.

The soul of man, therefore, faces a twofold necessity. The laws of the body govern it in accordance with the necessities of nature, but it allows itself to be governed by the laws which guide it to exact thinking because it voluntarily acknowledges their necessity.

Nature subjects man to the laws of the change of matter, but he subjects himself to the laws of thought. By this means he makes himself a member of a higher order than that to which he belongs through his body. And this order is the spiritual.

The soul is as different from the body as the body is different from the soul. So long as one speaks only of the particles of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen which stir in the body, one has not the soul in view.

The soul life begins only when within the motion of these particles sensation arises, and one can say: “I taste sweetness” or “I feel pleasure.” Just as little has one the spiritual in view when one considers merely the soul experiences which course through a man who gives himself over entirely to the outer world and his bodily life.

Rather is this soul life merely the basis for the spiritual, just as the body is the basis of the soul life. The naturalist, or investigator of nature, has to do with the body, the investigator of the soul (the psychologist) with the soul, and the investigator of the spirit with the spirit. To realize what one is in oneself, and thus become clear as to the difference between body, soul, and spirit, is a requirement which must be demanded from those who wish by thinking to enlighten themselves regarding the constitution of man.

Many persons are inclined to undervalue thinking, and to place higher the “warm life of feeling” or “emotion.” Some, indeed, say it is not by “dry thinking” but by warmth of feeling, by the immediate power of “the emotions,” that one raises oneself to higher knowledge. Persons who speak thus fear to blunt the feelings by clear thinking. This certainly results from the ordinary thinking that refers only to matters of utility.

But in the case of thoughts that lead to higher regions of existence, the opposite is the result. There is no feeling and no enthusiasm to be compared with the sentiments of warmth, beauty, and exaltation which are enkindled through the pure, crystal-clear thoughts which refer to the higher worlds. For the highest feelings are, as a matter of fact, not those which come “of themselves,” but those which are gained by energetic and persevering thinking. The human body has a construction adapted to thinking.

By thinking, man is raised above and beyond his own personal life. He acquires something that extends beyond his soul. He comes to take for granted his conviction that the laws of thought are in conformity with the laws of the world. And he feels at home in the world because this conformity exists. This conformity is one of the important facts through which man learns to know his own nature.

Man searches in his soul for truth; and through this truth it is not only the soul that speaks, but the things of the world. That which is recognized as truth by means of thought has an independent significance, which refers to the things of the world, and not merely to one’s own soul. By grasping the truth the soul connects itself with something that carries its worth in itself. And this worth does not vanish with the feeling in the soul any more than it arose with it.

What is really truth neither arises nor passes away; it has a significance which cannot be destroyed.” (Theosophy – Rudolf Steiner)…Purple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

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