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“Hermes: Know, then, that energy of every kind is ever free from death,—no matter what it is, or in what body. And of the energies, some are of godly bodies, and some of those which are corruptible; some are general, and some special. Some are of genera, and some are of the parts of every genus.

The godly ones, accordingly, are those that exercise their energies through everlasting bodies. And these are perfect energies, in that they energize through perfect bodies.

But partial energies are those that energize through each one of the single living things. And special energies are those that energize through each one of existent things.

This argument, accordingly, O son, deduces that all things are full of energies.

For though it needs must be that energies should be in bodies,—and there be many bodies in the Cosmos,—I say that energies are many more than bodies.

For often in one body there is found one, and a second and a third activity—not counting in the general ones that come with it.

By general ones I mean the purely corporal ones, that exercise themselves through the sensations and the motions of the body. For that without these energies the body of an animal can not persist.

The souls of men, however, have a second class of energies,—the special ones that exercise themselves through arts, and sciences, and practices, and purposed doings. For that the feelings follow on the energies or rather are completions of the energies.

Know, then, O son, the difference of energy and of sensation.

Thus energy is sent down from above; whereas sensation, being in the body and having its existence from it, receives the energy and makes it manifest, as though it did embody it.

Wherefore I say sensations are both corporal and mortal, and last as long as doth the body only. Nay, rather, its sensations are born together with the body, and they die with it.

But the immortal bodies in themselves have no sensation,—not even an immortal one, as though they were composed out of some essence of some kind.

For that sensation doth arise entirely from naught else than either from the bad or else the good that’s added to the body, or that is, on the contrary, taken from it again.

But with eternal bodies there is no adding to nor taking from. Wherefore, sensation doth not occur in them.

Tat: Is, then, sensation felt in every body?

Hermes: In every body, son; and energies are active in all bodies, too.

Tat: Even in bodies without souls, O father?

Hermes: Even in them, O son. There are, however, differences in the sensations.

The feelings of the rationals occur with reason; those of irrationals are simply corporal; as for the things that have no soul, they also have sensations, but passive ones—experience of increase only and decrease.

Moreover, passion and sensation depend from one same head, and they are gathered up again into the same, and that, too, by the energies.

Of lives with souls there are two other energies which go with the sensations and the passions,—grief and joy. And without these, an ensouled life, and most of all a rational one, could not experience sensation.

Wherefore, I say that there are forms of passions,—and forms that dominate the rational lives more than the rest.

The energies, then, are the active forces in sensations, while the sensations are the indications of the energies.

Further, as these are corporal, they’re set in motion by the irrational parts of a man’s soul; wherefore, I say that both of them are mischievous.
For that both joy, though for the moment it provides sensation joined with pleasure, immediately becomes a cause of many ills to him who feeleth it; while grief itself provides still greater pains and suffering. Wherefore, they both would seem most mischievous.

Tat: Can, then, sensation be the same in soul and body, father?

Hermes: How dost thou mean,—sensation in the soul, my son?

Tat: Surely it cannot be that soul’s incorporal, and that sensation is a body, father—sensation which is sometimes in a body and sometimes not, just as the soul?

Hermes: If we should put it in a body, son, we should then represent it as like the soul or like the energies. For that we say these are incorporals in bodies.

But as sensation’s neither energy nor soul, nor any other thing than body, according to what has been said above, it cannot, therefore, be incorporal. And if it’s not incorporal, it must be body.

For of existing things, some must be bodies and the rest incorporal.” (Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 3)…Purple Heart

Give Thanks And Praises For Love And Life…Folded Hands: Medium-Dark Skin TonePurple Heart

And Y’all Be Love…Growing HeartGrowing HeartGrowing Heart

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