understanding the “i am”…that is you…

"Now everything is rushing forth with dynamic energy for redemption - yours, and yours, and yours; oh, anyone's. It does not make any difference whether it is yours or someone else's.   It wants to get out; and if you do not know what it is doing, it is going to get out. Then you … Continue reading understanding the “i am”…that is you…


the seven creations

"Esoterically, as well as exoterically, all the above enumerated Creations stand for the (7) periods of Evolution, whether after an "Age" or a "Day" of Brahma.   This is the teaching par excellence of Occult Philosophy, which, however, never uses the term "creation", nor even that of evolution, "with regard to primary 'creation'"; but calls … Continue reading the seven creations

the seven creations

"The Seven Creations are found in almost every Purana. They are preceded by what Horace Hayman Wilson translates {in the Vishnu Purana} as "the indiscrete Principle" - absolute Spirit independent of any relation with objects of sense.   They are:  (1) the Universal Soul, Infinite Intellect, or Divine Mind; (2) elemental creation, the first differentiation … Continue reading the seven creations

Blessed Day Beauties😊

Grateful Day Family  I Hope Every One Had A Blessed Weekend  ...I Spent Time With The Trees...Smoking Trees...N Loving N Enjoying Family...Amen  Kids...Kids...Everywhere...N Ima Enjoy Them While I Can... Let Us Give Thanks N Praises For Massive Love...That's What's Up...Glory  Y'all Share Love...N Be Love