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Grateful Day Loves 😎  It Was A Wonderful Day For Walking...So I Went  For A Stroll...N Stuff  😆 😆 😆 😆 😆  So, No Posts Today...Just A Line...Or Five...To Say "Hey"...Hey 👀 👀 😊 But, I'll Get It In Tomorrow, Tho...Amen N Praise God  Aye...Erybody Be Love On This Cool N Breezy (or not)...Thursday Evening  😎  But it [...]

anthropogenesis: the fifth race and its divine instructors (stanza xii)

"49.   THE "SERPENTS" WHO REDESCENDED, WHO MADE PEACE WITH THE FIFTH (RACE), WHO TAUGHT AND INSTRUCTED IT.   Our Fifth Root-Race has already been in existence - as a race sui generis and quite free from its parent stem - about 1,000,000 years.   Occult philosophy teaches that even now, under our very eyes, the [...]

anthropogenesis: the fifth race and its divine instructors (stanza xii)

"(47.   The remnants of the first two races disappear forever.  Groups of the various Atlantean races saved from the Deluge along with the Forefathers of the fifth.   48.    The origins of our present Race, the Fifth. The first divine Dynasties.   49.    The earliest glimmerings in History, now pinned to the allegorical chronology of [...]

anthropogenesis: the civilization and destruction of the third and fourth races (stanza xi)

"45.   THE FIRST GREAT WATERS CAME.  THEY SWALLOWED THE SEVEN GREAT ISLANDS.   The secret teachings show that the "Deluge" overtook the Fourth, giant Race, not on account of their depravity, or because they had become "black with sin", but simply because such is the fate of every continent, which - like everything else under [...]